• BlitzWarp

    Of course, the 1st series ended with Ikki beating the Devil's 33, then there are the 3 OVAs:

    1. The 1st was, Ikki getting Kurumu as his Turner, Ringo attacking Simca, Canon kissing Ringo, Ikki & Ringo fighting as Wind King & Thorn Queen, Kurumu fixing the Wind Regalia, Ikki unleashing his new Shadow, Ikki & Ringo's fight ended with a tie, Ikki leaving the Noyamano house & Ringo kiss Ikki.
    2. The 2nd OVA was, Kogarasumaru entering the Inorganic Net & fights the Original Sleeping Forest in a A-Class AT battle, the OVA ends with Bucca vs Dontores, & Agito grabbing the balloon but was stopped by Sora & Kilik Road Combo.
    3. The 3rd OVA, Akito asks Nakayama to be their(as in Akito & Agito) Turner, Nakayama flashback when Agito was facing Orca, & Nakayama wa…
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