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John Omaha, president-elect of the United States and his wife seems to be well acquainted with Ine Makigami. Kogarasumaru firsts meets Omaha through the Inorganic Net, but when they are pulled out, Emily and him accidentally switch bodies. He shows Ikki and Kazu his love for Air treks, and tells them that it was very popular in the L.A. Shortly afterwards, Emily's body (With Omaha still inside) was taken back to the States in hopes of figuring out a way to switch Emily and himself back to their original selves. Omaha has recently joined Tool Toul To on Sora's aircraft carrier to get the Storm Regalia to Ikki. While on the carrier, the are confronted by Merlin and Morrigan. Here the president shows that he is a competent fighter, able to hold his own against riders of their level while attacking in close combat with a rifle in (her) hands. The concept for John Omaha was taken from the current POTUS, Barack Obama.

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