Cageless Wings:

*Disclamer: Cagless Wings Air Gear Roleplay is a non-canon alternate universe Air Gear Roleplay. While terminology, technology, and locations like The Trophaeum Tower exist, canon characters, their storylines, as well as their team names, personal insignias, and background events and information do not. We do not claim to be an official extension of Air Gear. Any of it's creators or publishers. Nor do we claim ownership of any material related to or derivative from Air Gear.*

“My father…in his war with god, gave to Japan the wings you call Air Treks, when he turned 16. As I turn 16 right now, I give Air Treks to the world…So as Gram Scale begins again, WE destroy the old order. We end the chaos. We usher in an era of Dreamers.” - Kyosuke Kawamoto

Based on the hit manga series Air Gear, “Cageless Wings” is an alternative Universe Air Gear Roleplay forum. But you don’t have to have read the series to know what is going on. Confused? Don’t be. We’ve got you covered. With player progression stats moved into the background, and an alternative and more player driven story concept, we offer a very unique experience. Players will be thrust into a world where Legal and Illegal Air Trek racing is newer to the world, but is clearly defined. A world of G-men interventions, rewardable actions as Heroes and Villains, as well as plenty to do whether you are rider or tuner.

The fun, of course, begins at character creation. You’ll have the opportunity to create a rider as low as F ranked, or as high as D ranked to begin. You’ll also have the opportunity to request your rider be made a Cageless Wings take on a Gravity Child. Custom Roads, AT enhancements, as well as just generally fun side items for your character are available. And for tuners, something few sites have ever offered, truly unlimited parts, AT, and enhancement creation by utilizing our shop.

While these side parts are of course fun, the true standout portion of Cageless Wings is the role play experience itself. While the story you have for your character is always important, even the most solitary of players will find themselves interacting with a host of helpful, dangerous, enigmatic, and just generally interesting other players, as well as NPCs. Events for the site will revolve not only around players but will be affected by your style and choices. But even if that isn’t enough for you. The Parts War system has been given the Cageless Wings treatment and I can assure you no two battles will be the same.

The Story begins fittingly in the middle. Just 5 years prior the use of the Storm and sky regalia by the Gravity Children during the Gram Scale tourney, and what would be the conclusive battle between the first and second generations of Gravity Children caused what we know as Flight day. The son of the creator of Air treks, as well as the gravity children, would expose the world to both groups while debuting his own creation. A modification of normal human beings to achieve similar results as the Gravity Children experiment. A modification he calls Brain Chargers. Destroying the two powerful regalias it would mark the beginning of what is called "The Era of Dreams" and worldwide legal AT races, as well as global enforcement against illegal Air Trek use would come out of it. Now in 2020, you are thrust into this new global phenomenon.

So come by, have a look, register, and make the cool character you’ve been thinking of since you started reading Air Gear…or started reading this advertisement.


"…There is no cage that can hold your wings."

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